Cameron Mitchell
Played by Ben Browder.
Cameron Mitchell

Cameron Mitchell's father was an Air Force Test pilot who lost both of his legs when a plane he was testing crashed. Cameron shared his father's love of flying and interest in the space program, and he followed his father's footsteps into the Air Force. Early in his career, Captain Cameron Mitchell was part of a horrible tragedy.As part of Mustang Flight, he was ordered to attack a three vehicle convoy that an informant claimed included a terrorist leader and his men. Only after Mitchell's bomb was released were his orders countermanded. Mitchell's bomb destroyed a convoy of innocent refugees. He nearly resigned his commission after the incident, but was convinced by his father to remain in the Air Force.

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron "Shaft" Mitchell commanded the USAF's blue squadron of F-302's when Anubis attacked Earth. His squadron was assigned the task of protecting SG-1 in Antarctica, while they activated an Ancient weapon system buried there. Durint the battle, he chose to ignore the death-gliders on his tail to target and destroy the only Al'kesh to get past the Prometheus and threaten SG-1's scoutship. As a result, his own craft was shot down, and he spent long harrowing hours in the freezing cold, his weapons officer dead. Cameron was recovered and hospitalized, and recieved the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions. When he was finally released from the hospital a year later, he had his choice of assignments, and he asked to join SG-1 in order to work with the best. He was gravely disappointed to find that the team had been disbanded, and he was to lead an entirely new SG-1. Cameron is currently working dilligently to convince Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, and Teal'c to re-join the team.

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