Miles Straume
Played by Ken Leung.
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Apparently Miles was the go-to guy for ghostbusting in the Inglewood, California area. Like Daniel and the other Freighties, he took an interest in the Oceanic 815 story. Miles stayed in the car to hear the rest of a radio broadcast about 815 before going to his next house call. An elderly woman named Mrs. Gardner hired him to cleanse her home of her murdered grandson's spirit. After doubling his fee because of the cause of death, Miles and his completely bogus device went to work in the grandson's room. His gear was fake, but his supernatural gifts were legit. Miles has the ability to communicate with the dead, but he does so for a profit. The grandson's ghost led him to a paper bag filled with cash, which Miles pocketed. After forcing himself to say that the spirit was "at peace," he returned part of his fee to Mrs. Gardner.

-- Erin Martell