Allison Mack
Born on 29 July 1982 in Preez, Germany.
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Born July 29, 1982 in Preez, Germany, Allison Mack is an accomplished and talented actress with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry.

"My very first job was a commercial for German chocolate and it was all in German," Mack told TV Zone in 2001. "The thing that still sticks out in my mind most about it was I wasn't allowed to swallow the chocolate. I would take a bite and then at the end of every take I'd have to spit it out. That was very frustrating especially for a kid."

Upon her move to California at age 6, Allison worked steadily through her childhood and teens. Mack studied acting at famed Los Angeles school Young Actors Space, and her credits include films such as Police Academy 6: City Under Siege and Camp Nowhere and the direct-to-video family film Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, as well a variety of movies-of-the-week along side such stars as Sissy Spacek, Leslie Ann Warren, and Dolly Parton. Allison has co-starred in three network series, Hill & Diller, Opposite Sex and Smallville, in addition to starring in actor Eric Stoltz' directorial debut, My Horrible Year! for Showtime.

"Although I began acting when I was a child I didn't really think about it as a profession until I was around 15," she continued. "When I was younger I was definitely afraid of kissing boys, so I didn't want to become an actress because I didn't want to have to do those types of scenes. Instead, I was interested in becoming a veterinarian, a marine biologist, a dolphin trainer and then a director. However, the older I got, the more I realized that I had a real passion for acting. I thought if I had the opportunity to do what I loved most and make a living doing it, then why not? So I decided to go for it and I'm so happy that I did."

Prior to getting a small hosue in Vancouver, Canada, where Smallville is shot, Allison resided in Southern California with her parents, Jonathan and Mindy, and siblings Shannon and Robyn. In addition to dancing and singing, Allison loves to read, paint, make pottery, and listen to music.

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