Agam Darshi
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Agam Darshi is a full time actor, artist, and filmmaker based in Vancouver. Born in England, Agam grew up all over Canada and graduated from the University of Calgary in April 2002, with a BFA in art and theatre.

Since then, she moved to Vancouver to pursue acting as a profession. Her credits include a recurring role on, roles on Tru-Calling, Dead Zone, Stargate Atlantis, a recurring role on the L-Word, a supporting lead in the indie-flick, Pink Ludoos, and a lead in YTV's Zixx Level II as the evil Jayda!

Agam recently graduate from the Langara Film Arts Program, where she focused on screenwriting, and wrote and produced 2 short films. Agam is also an avid photographer and graphic designer, and has exhibited her work in galleries through out B.C and Alberta.
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