Leonard Nimoy
Born on 26 March 1931 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Died on 27 February 2015.
About Leonard...

Leonard Simon Nimoy (ˈniːmɔɪ nee-moy; born March 26, 1931) is an American actor, film director, poet, singer and photographer. Nimoy is best known for his role of Spock in the original Star Trek series (1966–1969), and in multiple film, television, and video game sequels.

Leonard Nimoy was raised in a Boston tenement, and decided to be an actor when he saw Charles Laughton in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Laughton made young Nimoy cry, and he yearned to perform, to have that kind of an impact on strangers. In college he took drama courses, and after time in the Army he moved to Los Angeles and worked for in a Yiddish theatre group. Nimoy's first film was Queen for A Day with Darren McGavin in 1951, and his first leading role was a pretty good low-budget boxing drama called Kid Monk Baroni. He had a bit part in the science fiction classic Them! with James Arness. But it was his portrayal of Star Trek's Mr. Spock, of course, that made Nimoy famous.

Mr. Spock was the half-alien, half-Earthling Science Officer on Star Trek's original Enterprise. Raised on a planet that shunned emotion, Spock was the epitome of cool -- unflappable, and unattainable. After a few shaky, almost emotional early episodes, he played it perfectly. By keeping his emotions suppressed, Spock became the emotional center of Star Trek, and within weeks it became obvious that Spock was the most popular character on the show. The original series lasted three seasons. All three years, Nimoy was nominated for Emmys as Best Supporting Actor.

Full Name at Birth Leonard Simon Nimoy

AKA Leonard Simon Nimoy

Born: 26-Mar-1931

Birthplace: Boston, MA

Died: 27-Feb-2015

Location of death: Bel Air, CA

Cause of death: Respiratory failure

Gender: Male

Religion: Jewish

Race or Ethnicity: White

Sexual orientation: Straight

Occupation: Actor, Film Director

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Nationality: United States

Executive summary: Commander Spock on Star Trek

Military service: US Army (1953-55, Sgt.)

Father: Max Nimoy (barber, b. 1900, d. 1987)

Mother: Dora Spinner (housewife, b. 1905)

Brother: Melvin Nimoy

Wife: Sandra Zober (actress, m. 1954, div. 1987, one daughter, one son)

Daughter: Julie Nimoy Schwartz (rabbi, b. 1955)

Son: Adam Nimoy (TV director, b. 9-Aug-1956)

Wife: Susan Bay (actress, m. 1989)

Son: Aaron Bay Schuck (stepson)

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