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Billie Worley: Billie Ray Worley is an American film and television actor. He played Patrick Quinn on the U.S. TV show Early Edition.

Billie Worley grew up in Vernonia, Oregon, where he briefly attended the University of Oregon. He then moved to Portland where he studied with a private acting teacher for three years.

Worley co-starred in Ed Wood's feature film I Woke Up Early the Day I Died. On television, Worley starred in Poltergeist, the Legacy; and in HBO's The Pentagon Wars and Weapons of Mass Distraction. He appeared in a guest starring role on ER and was a regular on the ABC series Leaving L.A. For a complete list of his television and film credits, please see his entry on the Internet Movie Database:,+Billie

Worley has played the drums for 13 years and has been playing guitar for the past four years. He is in a rock band called CowTown, is currently writing a television sitcom and a full-length feature. He is also writing and composing original music for a feature film slated to start in early 1999.

Worley is single and currently resides in Los Angeles.

also known as Bill Worley, Billy Worley, Billie Ray Worley

nationality: United States of America

education: University of Oregon

profession: Actor


played Earl in "Bad Meat"

"Hear No Evil"

"Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island"

played Kenny in "Losers Take All"

played Elmer Ellsworth in "Tad"

played Dewayne Cotton in "Tennessee Queer"

played Whitney in "Piranha"

"Daylight Fades"

played Young Gerson in "Space Cowboys"

TV series:

"Early Edition"

"Leaving L.A."

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