Episode 6 of 20 within Season Seven. Item 138 of 218 overall.
Production number 3T6305.
Holly Henderson - Writer
Don Whitehead - Writer
James L. Conway - Director
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Clark learns Kara is in Washington searching for the crystal. Kara is captured after she breaks into the lab and sedated with a kryptonite-infused truth serum. The serum causes her to relive a prior trip to Earth when she followed Clark's biological mother, Lara, to the Kent farm.

Clark arrives in time to save her but, after searing the machine with heat vision, he also falls victim to the serum and sees what Kara sees: his mother.  In this flashback episode, Helen Slater guest stars as Clark's biological mother, Lara-El. The episode also features the evil Zor-El, who was Jor-El's brother and Kara's father.

original airdate--November 1,2007           rating--4.31 million

songs--Theme song--"Save Me" by Remy Zero

  1. "Super Sexy Free (as Heard On One Tree Hill)" by Bosshouse
  2. "Lucid" by EEK

Antagonist: Agent Carter

Goofs: The year is supposed to be 1986, but the TV in the Kent's living room when Lara and Kara are there while they're at church, looks very 90's.

  • In the scene where Clark and Kara are about to open the picture in the Kent kitchen, when the scene opens the picture in the frame is just of Martha, but as Clark picks the frame up and flips it over you can clearly see a picture of Jonathan and Martha.
  • After Clark rescues Kara, they go back to Clark's house to open up the back of the picture of his earth mother Martha, however is the wrong photo in the frame (at around 7 mins).

Trivia: This is the first time the Isis Foundation is shown up and running, although it was shown in non-operational form in Cure, as well as what its "other" purpose is.

  • Helen Slater appears as Lara, Kara's aunt (Kal-El/Clark Kent's mother). She played Kara in Supergirl.
  • At the start, Kara mentioned that it takes 3 years to travel from Krypton to Earth, which roughly matches the description in Superman Returns, in which Superman is absent for five years due to a trip to and from Krypton.
  • Lara mentions Jor-El came to Earth years ago; this was seen in Relic.
  • Unlike Clark's Kryptonian ship (which was designed to hold him as an infant), Kara's ship was big enough to hold her entire family. It is basically the same size as Milton Fine/Braniac's ship from season 5, which also carried both Nam-Ek and Aethyr to earth in Season Four's Commencement.

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