Oral Contracts
Episode 8 of 21 within Season Four. Item 76 of 102 overall.
Production number 4AJQ08.
David E. Kelley - Writer
Mike Listo - Director
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Denny Crane is arrested this time under quite unusual circumstances -- and asks Alan Shore to defend him.

Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt takes on the case of a shock jock who was fired for making an inappropriate comment while on the air, and Katie Lloyd begins to question whether Lorraine Weller is harboring a dark secret.

original airdate--December 04,2007    rating--8.6 million


music--Theme Song--"Thowdown" by Danny Lux


Goof: During Alan Shore's statement while he's standing in court, his now-empty chair next to Denny can be seen to change angles/positions and then change back several times throughout the scene.

Trivia: At the beginning of this show, Denny is arrested for allegedly soliciting gay sex in the men's room. As he flips open his cell phone to make a phone call to Alan, the phone makes a 'Star Trek' communicator chirping sound.



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regional titles

mondeling Contracten
Oral Contracts
contrats oraux
Mündliche Verträge
Conarthaí ó Bhéal
Contratti orale
Los contratos orales