Baby In The Bough
Episode 12 of 15 within Season Three. Item 55 of 239 overall.
Production number 3AKY09.
Karine Rosenthal - Writer
Ian Toynton - Director
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Booth and Brennan investigate the scene where a car was run off the road and the victim's body deliberately burned beyond recognition. When the team hears muffled whimpering during the site investigation, they find the victim's baby miraculously perched in a tree above the scene of the crash.

The team designates Brennan as the infant's caretaker, but when the baby swallows a key piece of evidence, they question her nurturing skills. The team soon identifies the victim as a laborer who worked in a tire-recycling factory in a small, impoverished town in Virginia, and Brennan and Booth venture out to investigate who might have wanted her dead. Their suspicions range from her deadbeat husband to the impecunious habitants of her town.

Meanwhile, the team is fascinated by the presence of a baby in the lab and its affinity for Brennan.

original airdate--April 28,2007 rating: 9.8 million

network: Fox

song--Bones Theme (Squints Mix By DJ Corporate) by The Crystal Method


Goofs--(at around 52 mins) Doctors Brennan and Hodgins are walking and talking together and as they approach the secured, elevated, work area Dr. Hodgins reaches for his I.D. and successfully scans it so they might enter without setting off any alarms. However, the magnetic strip on the card is on the edge of the card that is in his hand, not on the edge he swiped.


"To Unravel A Murder, You Have To Strip It To The Bone".

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regional titles

Baby In The Bough
Baby In The Bough
Bébé Dans Le Rameau
Baby In The Bough
Leanbh I An Bough
Bambino nel ramo
Bebé En La Rama