Chuck Versus The Sandworm
Episode 6 of 13 within Season One. Item 6 of 107 overall.
Production number 3T6455.
Phil Klemmer - Writer
Robert Duncan McNeill - Director
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Chuck accidentally runs into a fellow government agent who seems to be living a similar life. It turns out this agent is a gadget whiz, whose brain makes him a national security asset and a dangerous liability, much like Chuck. Chuck faces a predicament whether he should help turn this agent into Sarah and Casey or help this agent escape his handlers.

Meanwhile, Halloween, a holiday that means a lot to Chuck and Morgan as buddies, proves to be a little different this year as Morgan feels that Chuck is neglecting both their childhood and friendship. 

original airdate: October 29,2007  rating: 7.65 Million


songs--Theme Song: "Short Skirt / Long Jacket" by Cake

  1. "All Right Now" by Free
  2. "The Weight Of The World" by Editors
  3. "When Johnny Comes Marching Home (instrumental)"
  4. "Dice" by Finley Quaye
  5. "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock.


flashes: Chuck flashes when he sees Laszlo for the first time

  • When looking at a sketch Laszlo made on a napkin while they were talking over pancakes, Chuck flashes and realizes the design represented the destruction of the pier where Laszlo was recruited.

Pop Culture:  When Chuck cuts the wire on the Herder's self-destruct, the timer stops at 7 seconds. This echoes the scene in Goldfinger when Bond disarms a bomb set to explode inside Fort Knox, which also stops at 7 seconds.

However the Herder's timer has an extra digit, making the time read 00:07 rather than 0:07 (Double-Oh 7). The film Goldfinger was discussed on several occasions leading up to this scene.

  • The end scene when Chuck runs back home in slow-motion while Finlay Quaye's song "Dice" plays, is a copy of the end sequence from The O.C. episode "The Countdown." The O.C. was the debut series of Chuck producer Josh Schwartz.
  • Greg Baine is credited as Special Agent Ben Katz. Benjamin Katz is the titular character of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.
  • After Sarah gives Chuck a photo of them together at Comic-Con, Chuck mentions that they never actually went to Comic-Con together. However Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski actually attended San Diego Comic Con International in July 2007 as part of the promotion for the show.
  • When Laszlo reveals the Home Theater room can access Air Force command channels, he asks Chuck "How about a game of Thermonuclear War?" The film War Games centered on a computer system that mistook a game for a real order to launch its missiles. The name of the "game," actually a military simulation, was Global Thermonuclear War.
  • The game Morgan is playing at the pier is called Guitar Shredder, a reference to the Guitar Hero series of games.
  • Chuck and Morgan's Halloween costume is a sandworm from Frank Herbert's Dune franchise, and several posters for the 1984 film adaptation of the 1965 novel Dune can be seen throughout the episode.


Chuck Bartowski was just your average computer geek until the day he got an e-mail from an old college friend/enemy who had gone to work for the CIA. It contained an entire server of government secrets subliminally encoded to download into his brain. Now, he has two government agents protecting him, one posing as a co-worker and the other as his new girlfriend. Though they're just as likely to shoot him if he makes the wrong move.

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regional titles

Gooi Tegen De Sandworm
Chuck Versus The Sandworm
Jeter Contre Le Sandworm
Schmeißen Sie Gegen Den Sandworm
Chuck i gcoinne an Sandworm
Buttare Contro Il Sandworm
Bote Contra El Gusano Arenoso