The Abduction
Episode 10 of 22 within Season Two. Item 32 of 105 overall.
Production number E661.
Alex Kurtzman - Writer
Roberto Orci - Writer
Nelson McCormick - Director
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A steely Alliance official named Ariana Kane investigates the blackmail plot against Sloane. It's Jack, of course, who knows all of Soane's dirty little secrets and immediately raises Kane's suspicions. And they're hardly allayed when, during her questions about his personal life, Jack gets very defensive about some of his own secrets.

Meanwhile, Sydney's mommy dearest, Irina, makes things worse for her ex by telling him an unsettling truth about their KGB-orchestrated marriage; and Marshall's first mission goes horribly awry.

original airdate--December 15,2002    rating--9.6 million

network: abc

music--Theme song composed by J.J. Abrams performed by Charles Fernandez

  1. "The Wreckoning" by Boomkat
  2. "Beauty of The Rain" by Dar Williams
  3. "Don't Try This At Home" by Chumbawamba
  4. "Sleepers, Awake" by J.S. Bach



SARK to SLOANE: The Indian western command carried out an air strike on the PRF prison. The Rambaldi artifact was destroyed. My contact in the region, Gerard Cuvee, mistakenly believes I tipped the Indian authorities off. With all due respect sir, could the leak have come from this office?

Goof--In 'The Abduction', when Sydney shuts down the traffic lights Sark's car is in the middle of the gridlock. When Sydney is fleeing with the stolen briefcase seconds later Sark pulls up beside her to save her, but how did he get out of the huge gridlock?

Trivia--The song being played in the concert while Sydney slips the sleeping drug into the British gentleman's drink is the Stokowski transcription of JS Bach's "Sleepers Awake" cantata.

  • At 17 minutes into the show, this episode has the latest entrance of the opening credits of the entire series run.
  • Before coming to Credit Dauphine, Jack worked undercover for SD-6 at Jennings Aerospace. This company is used by Sydney in her alias on The Abduction episode.


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regional titles

The Abduction
The Abduction
D╚sign╚ coupable
an Fuadach
Il rapimento
La Abduccion