Chuck Versus The Alma Mater
Episode 7 of 13 within Season One. Item 7 of 107 overall.
Production number 3T6456.
Anne Cofell-Saunders - Writer
Patrick Norris - Director
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Chuck has to return to Stanford University, the institute that expelled him, on homecoming weekend to help a former professor. Chuck finds out that his former professor is also a government operative who is being hunted out for a sensitive top-secret file.

Chuck must use his past experiences to find his Professor’s hidden secret, while at the same time discovering shocking secrets about his own life. More importantly, Chuck discovers the truth about his former friend, Bryce Larkin, the one who got him kicked out of Stanford.

Meanwhile, Morgan has problems with the new assistant manager at Buy More.    

original airdate: November 05,2007   rating: 7.65 Million


songsTheme Song: "Short Skirt / Long Jacket" by Cake

  1.  “Maneater” by Hall And Oats 
  2.  “Drama Queen” by Switches 
  3.  “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis 
  4.  “Trendsetter” by Goose 
  5.  “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis


flashes: Chuck discovers that there is a file on him in the Intersect when he flashes on his old Stanford student ID badge.

Pop Culture: Ironically, although set at Stanford, filming of the episode--with the exception of stock footage--actually took place on the campus of rival UCLA. The two schools were playing each other in football in this episode.

  • Captain Awesome remarks that instead of Stanford he'd rather see UCLA play SC (the University of Southern California), the Alma Mater of series creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak.
  • Chuck's old fraternity at Stanford is Gamma Delta Phi.
  • The Library of Congress Classification code for the copy of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire seen in the episode is incorrect.
  • The number on the paper (219 F5U922) given to Chuck by Professor Flemming does not correspond to a Library of Congress Classification code nor a Dewey Decimal number.
  • The "One Remote" used by Harry in this episode appears to be a Logitech Harmony 880 or 890 model remote. Since only the Harmony 890 can use RF (as opposed to IR), it is presumed that the remote must be a Harmony 890, as only RF capability would allow such broad-sweeping ability to change channels from a distance.
  • The ending of this episode contradicts the story of how Chuck and Jill met that Chuck told at the beginning of Chuck Versus the Intersect. The Pilot describes Chuck and Jill meeting in class, whereas this episode seems to indicate Bryce introducing Chuck to Jill.


Chuck Bartowski was just your average computer geek until the day he got an e-mail from an old college friend/enemy who had gone to work for the CIA. It contained an entire server of government secrets subliminally encoded to download into his brain. Now, he has two government agents protecting him, one posing as a co-worker and the other as his new girlfriend. Though they're just as likely to shoot him if he makes the wrong move.

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regional titles

Gooi Tegen De Alma Mater
Chuck Versus The Alma Mater
Jeter Contre La Mère d'Alma
Schmeißen Sie Gegen Den Alma Mater
Chuck i gcoinne an Mater Alma
Buttare Contro L'Alma Mater
Bote Contra La Madre del Alma