Gray Matter
Episode 5 of 16 within Season Four. Item 29 of 56 overall.
Production number 405.
Tom Fontana - Writer
Brian Cox - Director
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Convicted detective Bruno Goergen arrives at Oz, which causes major problems for Mobay as he is forced to prove his legitimacy to Adebisi. Querns settles in to his new position as Unit Manager and moves Hoyt and the Bikers to Gen Pop.

Meanwhile, new inmate Allah threatens Arif's status; Dr. Nathan's attacker is sent to Oz; and Zabitz reveals that Keller had Gary kidnap his children.

original airdate--August 09,2000   theme--The Human Brain


music: Oz theme song "Behind the Walls" by Kurupt



  • Detective Bruno Goergen---Pushed down an elevator shaft. by Desmond Mobay

Crime flashbacks:


  • Bruno Goergen: Convicted March 15, 2000. Illegal possesion and sale of Firearms, Murder in the first degree. Sentence: 36 years, up for parole in 18.
  • Kevin "Supreme Allah" Ketchum: convicted March 22, 2000. Murder in the second degree. Sentence: 25 years, up for parole in 10.
  • Patrick Keenan: Convicted March 25, 2000. Assault in the first degree, Rape. Sentence: 12 years, up for parole in 7.



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regional titles

Gray Matter
Gray Matter
Matière grise
Graue Substanz
Gray Matter
Materia grigia
Materia gris