Gray Matter
Episode 5 of 16 within Season Four. Item 29 of 56 overall.
Production number 405.
Tom Fontana - Writer
Brian Cox - Director
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Convicted detective Bruno Goergen arrives at Oz, which causes major problems for Mobay as he is forced to prove his legitimacy to Adebisi. Querns settles in to his new position as Unit Manager and moves Hoyt and the Bikers to Gen Pop.

Meanwhile, new inmate Allah threatens Arif's status; Dr. Nathan's attacker is sent to Oz; and Zabitz reveals that Keller had Gary kidnap his children.

original airdate--August 9,2000           theme--The Human Brain





  • Detective Bruno Goergen---Pushed down an elevator shaft. by Desmond Mobay

Goof: Dr. Nathan gives Cyril O'Reily 1 milligram of Haldol while he's restrained in the infirmary. The correct dose for Haldol is 5 milligrams. Further, Haldol is given intramuscular, not intravenous, in order to have a longer effect.

  • Martin Querns sends the bikers from Emerald City to Unit B, including Jaz Hoyt. Later on, there is a confrontation between Hoyt, Ryan O'Reily and Nikolai Stanislofsky over the cell phone. Hoyt ends up getting sent to the hole and Nikolai gets sent to Protective Custody. Later on, Keller offers Bleacher an orange while inside their pod. Bleecher whips the orange at the door and a second later you can clearly see Hoyt in the background, raising his arms up at Keller and Bleecher. Hoyt could not have been at Emerald City because he was in the hole at the time and is not released from the hole until a later episode.

Trivia: Brian Cox cast The Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme as an inside joke. Cox originated the role of Hannibal Lector in Manhunter but was replaced by Demme with Anthony Hopkins.


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Gray Matter