You Bet Your Life
Episode 8 of 16 within Season Four. Item 32 of 56 overall.
Production number 408.
Tom Fontana - Writer
Adam Bernstein - Director
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Glynn pulls out of the gubernatorial race following the attack on Devlin. Hill accidentally tells Mobay that he knows about his secret, leading Mobay to turn himself in.

Schillinger is visited by Hank's pregnant wife who is worried that Hank is gone missing. Querns is fired, which makes things look better for McManus. Said and Adebisi have a fight to the death.

original airdate--August 30,2000   theme---Gambling


music: Oz theme song "Behind the Walls" by Kurupt



  • Mark Miles---Strangled to death. by Moses Deyell
  • Nate Shemin---Diced apart. by Chris Keller
  • Raymond "Mondo" Browne---Stabbed off-screen. by Chris Keller
  • Simon Adebisi---Stabbed to death. by Kareem Said

Trivia: All of show's seasons have eight episodes, except the fourth season which has sixteen episodes. Originally, "You Bet Your Life" (ep. #4.8) was the fourth season finale. But the production on the third season of HBO's most popular show, The Sopranos, was running behind schedule and delayed the season premiere. So a few months after the original season finale, HBO ordered another eight episodes of "Oz" rushed into production to fill the time slot.


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regional titles

U kunt inzetten uw leven
You Bet Your Life
Vous pariez votre vie
Sie setzen Ihr Leben
Geall tú Do Bheatha
You Bet Your Life
Apuestas tu vida