Randy in Charge (of Our Days and Our Nights) (I)
Episode 9 of 22 within Season Three. Item 56 of 96 overall.
Production number 309.
Mike Mariano - Writer
Eyal Gordin - Director
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The Warden asks Earl to take on a task of forming a skit called, “Scared Straight” that will scare kids from committing crimes and stay out of jail. The Warden asks Earl to incorporate environmental friendly “green” messages into his presentation, based off a request from his wife, the governor.

Meanwhile, Randy gets into a fight with Earl about who is in charge between the two of them, and uses his guard privileges to make Earl’s life difficult.

original airdate--November 08,2007  rating--7.7 million


music--Theme song--"What goes around, that comes around by Nescobar-a-lop-lop @ The Camden Country Band

  1. "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago 
  2. "Right Place, Wrong Time" by Dr. John 
  3. "Freeze Frame" by J. Geils Band  
  4. "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf 
  5. "Jessica" by The Allman Brothers Band 


You know the kind of guy who does nothing but bad things and then wonders why his life sucks? Well, that was me. Every time something good happened to me, something bad was always waiting round the corner: karma. That's when I realized that I had to change, so I made a list of everything bad I've ever done and one by one I'm gonna make up for all my mistakes. I'm just trying to be a better person. My name is Earl.

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regional titles

Randy verantwoordelijke (van onze dagen en onze nachten) (I)
Randy in Charge (of Our Days and Our Nights) (I)
Randy en Charge (de nos jours et nos nuits) (I)
Randy Verantwortlichen (von unserer Tage und unsere Nächte) (I)
Randy i gCeannas (de Ár Laethanta agus Oícheanta Ár) (I)
Randy in Charge (parte dei nostri giorni e le nostre notti) (I)
Randy a Cargo (de nuestros días y nuestras noches) (I)