Roe vs. Wade The Musical
Episode 12 of 21 within Season Four. Item 81 of 102 overall.
Production number 4AJQ12.
Susan Dickes - Story
Jill Goldsmith - Story
David E. Kelley - Story
Susan Dickes - Teleplay
David E. Kelley - Teleplay
Steve Robin - Director
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Shirley Schmidt defends Missy Tiggs who, after being dumped by her husband, stole a man's semen and artificially impregnated herself. Shirley finds herself going up against Alan Shore when he's hired to represent the man whose seed was heisted.

Meanwhile, Jerry Espenson defends ex-girlfriend Leigh a fellow Asperger's syndrome sufferer and objectophile when she loses her teaching position for hugging a student.

original airdate--January 22,2008 rating--8.3 million


music--Theme Song--"Thowdown" by Danny Lux


Goof: Shirley and Katie constantly refer to the case 'Roe v Wade', saying 'v' as it is written. Real lawyers always substitute 'v' for 'and' when orally referring to a case, and would be chided if they did not.

  • Missy's pearls jump under and over the neck of her blouse between shots as she's explaining her pregnancy to Shirley.

Trivia: The title refers to the Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade to allow women the right to make a choice in their pregnancy.


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regional titles

Kuit tegen Waad Het Muzikale
Roe vs. Wade The Musical
Les oeufs vs. Avance péniblement La Comédie musicale
Roe gegen Watet Das Musical
Roe vs Wade The Musical
Il capriolo contro Wade Il Musicale
La hueva vs. Wade El Musical