Perfidia (II) (series finale)
Episode 13 of 13 within Season One. Item 13 of 13 overall.
Production number 1ANJ12.
Aeden Babish - Writer
Kevin Falls - Writer
Matt McGuinness - Writer
Alex Graves - Director
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Dan wakes up in a mental institute with a cut on his head. He meets a patient named Evan, who claims to also be a traveler like Dan. Evan says his jumps have stopped because of the sedatives he's given, but wants to get out to meet the love of his life. Dan doesn't quite believe him entirely, but he helps Evan escape using a fight as a distraction. Dan finds out that Evan was killed jaywalking.

Meanwhile Katie's sister is dropping hints that she should leave Dan and get her own home. Later that day, then Dan jumps back into the past with Livia to stop him from dying. Evan provides proof that he actually is a traveler, and that the woman he's "stalking" was his wife in an alternate reality. Evan says that his personal life suffered so much because of his traveling that he changed the past by preventing his marriage to spare his wife the misery. Dan and Livia manage to get them together for one salsa dance before Evan collapses and dies.

Dan then notes that the date they traveled to is September 2007, just a few months before the present. He then spots himself getting into a cab to jump for the very first time across the street from where Evan has just died. Dan wonders if Evan had to die for him to start traveling.

Back in the present, Dan finally meets the Professor Langley. The professor says he is trying to avoid any contact with Dan because of the temptation to force Dan to change the past for his own benefit. He knows what Dan does, having started his studies based on anachronisms like an Incan clay replica of a modern airplane.

Back at home, Dan reassures Katie that he'll always come home. Katie wants to see Dan jump, and finally catches a glimpse as he disappears at night.

original airdate: December 19,2007    rating: 4.62 million

network: NBC

Songs: Journeyman --Theme song by Amanda Ghost

  1. "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's
  2. "Perfidia" by Mambo All Stars


Trivia: When Dan time travels at the end of the episode it is the first (and only) time in the series that Katie actually sees him do it.

  • Evan recognizes Livia as a traveler, saying you can always tell by the shoes. This is the same thing Steven Kowalchuck says to Dan in the episode "Keepers".




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regional titles

Perfidia (II) (reeks finale)
Perfidia (II) (series finale)
Perfidia (II) (Úpisode de la sÚrie)
Perfidia (II) (Reihe-Finale)
Perfidia (II) (sraith finale)
Perfidia (II) (finale di serie)
Perfidia (II) (final de la serie)