Pilot (I)
Episode 1 of 9 within Season One. Item 1 of 38 overall.
Production number 276022.
Josh Friedman - Writer
David Nutter - Director
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After two years in one spot Sarah Connor feels the need to move on before they get too comfortable. They move to a new city where John starts school and meets a mysterious girl.

original airdate--January 13,2008   rating--18.4 million


songs--"The Terminator Theme" by Brad Fiedel

  1. "Rise Today" by Alter Bridge'
  2.  "Pardon Me" by Incubus


Trivia--John he's listening to his CD player. The song he's listening to is "Pardon Me" by Incubus. The CD wasn't released till the following year. Incubus was in the studio making it during that time. So how was John listening to a song that did not exist till the following year.

  • The Terminator in the dream sequence at the beginning is shown to be an orderly at Pescadero hospital in the seventh episode.
  • Just after Cromartie wakes up, we see brief footage of an 'Optimus Prime' style truck, which seems to serve no story related purpose. A Transformers catchphrase is 'more than meets the eye' which applies to this series as well.

Goofs--In the first scene with Cameron after she walks away from John next to the lockers, there's a poster on a wall to the left. It contains the word "guidance" misspelled as "guidence".

  • When Cromartie flips the school bus over, a camera crew is reflected in the back window.
  • As the FBI agent shows his ID to Dixon, it is in his right hand, the badge end up. He holds a folder in his left hand. The camera cuts away for just a moment, then returns to show the ID in his left hand, badge to the right, and the folder is in his right hand, all without enough time to make the switches.


In the future, my son will lead mankind in a war against Skynet, the computer system programmed to destroy the world. It has sent machines back through time, some to kill him, one to protect him. Today we fight to stop Skynet from ever being created. To change our future -- to change his fate. The war to save mankind begins now.

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regional titles

Pilot (I)
Pilot (I)
Pilot (I)
Pilot (I)
Píolótach (I)
Pilot (I)
Piloto (I)