Revelations (II) (season finale)
Episode 13 of 13 within Season One. Item 21 of 67 overall.
Production number S1E13.
Sam Egan - Writer
Damian Kindler - Writer
Martin Wood - Director
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Ashley and Henry are captured by the Cabal after breaking into their weapons factory. While being restrained Ashley learns from Dana Whitcomb that the plan they have for the virus to be released worldwide will still go ahead.

In a different part of the facility Henry is being kept strapped to a hospital bed. The Cabal intend to use chemicals to turn him into his abnormal state, and keep him that way.

original airdate: January 05,2009  rating--2.0 million

network: SyFy Channel

music: "Sanctuary" theme music composed by Joel Goldsmith

  1. "Heal" by Tom Odell
  2. "The River" by Blues Saraceno
  3. "They Don't Know" by Disciples
  4. "Rockabilly Girls" by The Kingmakers
  5. "Verses" by Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott
  6. "Reminiscence" by Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott



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regional titles

Revelations (II) (seizoensfinale)
Revelations (II) (season finale)
Révélations (II) (finale de la saison)
Revelations (II) (Saisonfinale)
Revelations (II) (chlár deiridh den tsraith)
Revelations (II) (finale di stagione)
Revelations (II) (final de la temporada)