Smoke Signals
Episode 1 of 13 within Season Five. Item 90 of 102 overall.
Production number 5AJQ01.
David E. Kelley - Writer
Bill D'Elia - Director
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Alan and Denny dress in their Coast Guard uniforms and board a yacht full of men and women having a party, most in their mid-twenties and half naked. Alan flirts with the young woman in charge. Alan, Denny, Jerry and Bethany go to court against the tobacco industry. The lawyer for the opposing side is a former girlfriend of Alan's. When she questions the doctor, Alan is certain their case is shot.

Denny is experiencing some "male" trouble and goes to the doctor, where he is shocked to learn he might not have Alzheimer's.

original airdate--September 28,2008              rating--8.8 million

music--Theme Song--"Babylon" by David Gray








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regional titles

Rook Seint
Smoke Signals
Signaux de fumée
Rauch Signalisiert
Smoke Signals
Segnali di fumo
Señales de humo