The Horizon
Episode 9 of 17 within Season Five. Item 97 of 105 overall.
Production number 509.
Josh Applebaum - Writer
Andre Nemec - Writer
Tucker Gates - Director
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Sydney is reunited with Vaughn after being kidnapped and put in a hypnotic state in order to retrieve information from the depths of her mind. But unbeknownst to Sydney, her captor is a familiar face with a vested interest in Sydney’s future and the future of her unborn child.

original airdate--December 14,2005    rating--5.64 million

network: abc

music--Theme song composed by J.J. Abrams performed by Charles Fernandez


Trivia--Michael Vartan's reappearance in this episode was largely brought about by fan demand.

  • Lena Olin wasn't at the country when the episode was filmed, so she said their lines by phone and archive footage from season 2 was used to simulate her presence.
  • All of Jennifer Garner's torture scenes were shot in one day. Although exhausting, the actress - now heavily pregnant - was sitting for the entire time.
  • Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan shot all the dream/flashbacks scenes at the beginning of the season, because they didn't know when they'll be aired and Vartan wasn't going to be available later.
  • For Sydney's flashback scenes, writers Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec revisited the old scripts from previous episodes, giving them a new, more sinister spin.


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regional titles

de Horizon
The Horizon
die Horizon
an Horizon
El horizonte