There's Only One Sydney Bristow (100th episode)
Episode 12 of 17 within Season Five. Item 100 of 105 overall.
Production number 511.
Drew Goddard - Writer
Robert M. Williams Jr. - Director
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Sydney's maternity leave is cut short when she learns that Will has been abducted by her nemesis, Anna Espinosa.

Meanwhile, Sloane finds himself one step closer to obtaining the cure for daughter Nadia.

original airdate--April 26,2006   rating--6.4 million

network: abc

music--Theme song composed by J.J. Abrams performed by Charles Fernandez

  1. "Faster Kill Pussycat" by Oakenfold featuring Brittany Murphy
  2. "Salty Moron" by Soul of Man
  3. "Rapture Riders (Blondie vs. The Doors)" by Blondie


Goof--Though the scene is set in Moscow, the text displayed by the entrance computer is Dutch.

  • At minute 15 there is a brief shot of ID-information, the bulk of the text is in Dutch. The height of the character is mentioned in the imperial system, in Holland we use the Metric system. Furthermore, all headings include De (the) which is uncommon on ID cards etc. Another translation error is "De hoogte", which should be "Lengte" (length), and on the bottom the status of "Current" is translated as "Stroom", which is actually current in the electrical sort (measured in Amps). That one should read "Geldig" if pertaining to the status of the document.

Trivia--Number 47: The room Will is taken from is room 147.

  • The entire 'train' set, as well as the exterior CGI shots of the train were recycled from the fourth season opener, "Authorised Personnel Only (Part 1)".
  • This episode was nominated for the 2006 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series".
  • Bradley Cooper's final appearance on the show. Although credited in 46 episodes (44 as a main character and 2 as a Special Guest Star), he appeared in a total of 43 episodes.
Filming Location--Greystone Park & Mansion - 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, California, USA


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regional titles

Er is maar een Sydney Bristow
There's Only One Sydney Bristow (100th episode)
Il n'ya qu'un Sydney Bristow
Es gibt nur einen Sydney Bristow
Níl ach amháin Sydney Bristow
C'è solo una Sydney Bristow
Sólo hay una Sydney Bristow