Air (II)
Episode 2 of 20 within Season One. Item 2 of 40 overall.
Production number S1-E02.
Robert C. Cooper - Writer
Brad Wright - Writer
Andy Mikita - Director
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During an official visit by Senator Armstrong, his assistant Chloe, and Eli Wallace, a recently recruited gaming genius, to Icarus, a secret off-world military base, the base falls under a full force attack leaving Colonel Everett Young with no choice but to retreat. He orders an evacuation to Earth. However, a last minute maneuver by scientist Dr. Nicholas Rush thrusts the escapees headlong into his experiment, which transports everyone to deep space.
The survivors arrive on an uninhabited ship floating billions of light years away from Earth. Panic spreads throughout the group and Col. Young, who was severely injured during the escape, transfers command to Lt. Matthew Scott, before lapsing into unconsciousness. Teams led by Dr. Rush and Sgt. Greer try to make sense of the situation, while Lt. Tamara Johansen, a medic who was days away from leaving the program, is thrust into the role of chief medical officer.

After secretly contacting the Home World Command using communications stones – a device which allows the swapping of consciousness between bodies across vast distances – Dr. Rush claims that he has been placed in charge by General O’Neill and there is no hope of returning to Earth. When the ship’s air supply systems begin to fail, his theories are challenged by Eli. As the crisis deepens, divisions emerge between those who want to attempt a return to Earth, including human resources executive Camille Wray, and those who want to remain aboard the Destiny.

original airdate--October 02,2009     rating:2.34 million

network: Sci Fi Channel

music--Theme from "Stargate: Universe" By Joel Goldsmith





When one of their hidden off-world research bases comes under attack from an unknown enemy, the Stargate personnel are forced to evacuate through the stargate to a nine-chevron address which happens to be an unmanned Ancient ship travelling far outside their own galaxy. And they can't return.

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regional titles

Lucht (II)
Air (II)
Air (II)
Luft (II)
Aer (II)
Aria (II)
Aire (II)