Made in China (I)
Episode 12 of 13 within Season Five. Item 101 of 102 overall.
Production number 5AJQ12.
Susan Dickes - Story
David E. Kelley - Story
Lauren MacKenzie - Story
David E. Kelley - Teleplay
Bill D'Elia - Director
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"Boston Legal" ends its five-season run in a two-hour finale that finds Crane Poole & Schmidt in dire financial straits - possibly forcing the firm to find a buyer. And Alan Shore heads to the Supreme Court to persuade them to let Denny Crane have access to a non-FDA approved drug that could slow down his rapidly progressing Alzheimer's.

Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt and Carl Sack plan their wedding, and Denny poses an important question to Alan, on the series finale of "Boston Legal.

original airdate--December 8,2008              rating--9.9 million

music--Theme Song--"Babylon" by David Gray

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regional titles

Gemaakte in China (I)
Made in China (I)
Fabriqué en Chine (I)
Gemacht in China (I)
A rinneadh sa tSín (I)
Fatto nella Cina (io)
Hecho en China (yo)