Stage Fright
Episode 3 of 13 within Season One. Item 3 of 26 overall.
Production number 1APK04.
Maurissa Tancharoen - Writer
Joss Whedon - Writer
Steven S. DeKnight - Director
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To protect a volatile pop star from an obsessed fan, Echo goes undercover as her new backup singer.

Meanwhile, Agent Ballard is led down a dangerously wrong path in his investigation, and Lubov harbors a secret.  

original airdate: February 27,2009  rating: 4.13 million


songs--Theme song--"What You Don't Know" by Jonatha Brooke and Eric Bazilian

  1. "Superstar (Smash It)" by Kimberly Cole
  2. "The High" by Light FM
  3. "Overdose" by Kimberly Cole
  4. "Blow The Lights Out" by Kimberly Cole
  5. "Freedom" by Eliza Dushku & Jaime Lee Kirchner
  6. "Make Your Move" by Jaime Lee Kirchner


Trivia--The stalker smuggles a rifle into the concert hidden in a crutch. This is the same manner as titular character in The Day of the Jackal.

  • CAMEO(Jewel Staite): Watch the crowd before the second failed assassination of Rayna. You'll notice a cameo of Jewel (Kaylee from Joss Whedon's Firefly) as a member of the crowd.


They say money can't buy you everything.

They were wrong.

There is a place where you can hire someone to do whatever you need, be whoever you want. They will be programmed with the skills, memories and personality needed to get the job done, after which, they will be wiped clean. No muss, no fuss.

Welcome to the Dollhouse.


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regional titles

Voer Angst op
Stage Fright
Monter la Peur
Inszenieren Sie Entsetzen
Céim fright
Rappresentare la Paura
Susto del teatro