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Episode 1 of 24 within Day Seven. Item 149 of 209 overall.
Production number TWF-701/70.
Howard Gordon - Writer
Michael Loceff - Writer
Joel Surnow - Writer
Jon Cassar - Director
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Season Seven picks up in the months following 24: REDMEPTION after Jack Bauer sacrificed his freedom for the safety of innocent children in Africa. As the ongoing international crisis intensifies, the new day is set in Washington, D.C., where Bauer is on trial, CTU is disbanded and new president Allison Taylor leads the country through a day of unthinkable circumstances.

Jack’s morning takes a shocking a turn when the nation’s security is breached and it’s discovered that former colleague Tony Almeida has been resurrected and is responsible for the terrifying threat.

original airdate-- January 11,2009       rating--7.0/12.6 million

music--"24 theme song" by Sean Callery


  1. "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf



Goofs: When the commercial airliner is taking off from Reagan National for JFK it taxis by a black sign with white "10" on it. This sign indicates the 10,000 ft location on a runway. The longest runway at National is only 6,869 feet.

  • (at around 15 mins) The cockpit shot of a commercial airliner shows the pilot with his hand on 4 throttle handles. In a close up the numbers 1 2 3 4 are clearly visible verifying this is a 4 engined aircraft cockpit. The exterior shots are of a 2 engined airliner taking off.
  • The position of Renee's hair changes between shots several times.
  • When the airliner is cleared to descend from 28,000 to 7,000 feet en route JFK, you see a clip of the pilot pushing the throttles forward which increases thrust. To descend, a pilot would not increase thrust, rather they would push the yoke forward and reduce power by pulling back on the throttles.
  • (at around 52 mins) The President's husband, HENRY Taylor has successfully persuaded the journalist KEVIN Aldridge to delay an anti-war broadcast until after the announcement of US action in the African state. The President's aide Bob Gunton (Ethan Kanin) announces this good news to the President but wrongly refers to the journalist as HENRY Aldridge, which is of course her husband's rather than the journalist's name.
  • When Alan Tanner shoots Gabriel Schector, three shots are fired, but four bullet holes are visible in the window.
  • When Ethan Kanin tells president Taylor that Henry has managed to convince Kevin Aldridge to hold off on his report about the Sangalan invasion, he accidentally refers to the reporter as "Henry Aldridge."

Overview: Season 7, set 65 days after the end of Redemption, begins at 8:00 am. Jack is assisted by the FBI and covert operatives when the firewall for America's federal computer infrastructure is breached by the same people responsible for a conflict in Sangala. Jack must uncover who is corrupted within President Taylor's administration, which has allowed for the Sangalans to raid the White House and capture Taylor. She is later blackmailed by a fictional private military company in an attempt to release biological weapons on U.S. soil. Jack must thwart these attacks so the conspirators will fail to cement their power at a government level.

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