Ladies in Red
Episode 3 of 22 within Season One. Item 4 of 150 overall.
Production number 3T7802.
Gary Glasberg - Writer
Chris Long - Director
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Jason Sands, a wealthy banker and political contributor is found dead inside his residence vault. After being tortured, he had bled to death in his vault. Patrick and the team delve into Jason's private life to find the murderer.

original airdate--October 21,2008       rating--15.28 million


music--Theme from The Mentalist "I Believe" by Blake Neely


Goofs: Adrianna informs Jane and Lisbon that she and Jason Sands planned run away on 'the sailboat', and that Jason was a good sailor who would teach her. Sands' boat is a flybridge motor yacht, not a sailing vessel.

  • At the end, when explaining how he knew the wife had lied, Patrick said the wolf in "Peter and the Wolf" is the bassoon, not the duck as the wife had stated. The wolf is actually the French horn whilst the Grandpa is the bassoon.

Now You Know--Every episode title contains a reference to the color red, like "Paint it Red", "Scarlett Fever", "Russet Potatoes", or "Bloodshot". This is because Patrick Jane's nemesis is the ingenious sadistic serial killer, Red John.


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regional titles

Ladies in Red
Ladies in Red
Dames en rouge
Ladies in Red
MBan i Dearg
Signore in rosso
Damas de Rojo