Then... and Again
Episode 10 of 19 within Season Five. Item 87 of 132 overall.
Production number 510.
Diane Ademu-John - Story
Gary Tieche - Story
Gary Tieche - Teleplay
Peter Werner - Director
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Allison investigates when a brother and sister report the disappearance of their mother.

Meanwhile, Joe's sister moves in with Joe and Allison after walking out on her husband Ryan, but Joe's father has advice from beyond the grave about her relationship.

original airdate--April 13,2009   rating--7.65 million


music--theme song by Mychael Danna & arranged by Jeff Beal 

  1. "White Flag" by Dido
  2. "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5
  3. "María Isabel" by Los Payos


Trivia: The actress that plays Brittany Hoyt (Morena Baccarin) is being questioned by the detectives. In the scene she is wearing a badge with a large red 'V' which means 'Visitor'. On ABC there was series titled "V" in which alien visitors invade Earth. Morena Baccarin played the leader of the alien visitors on this ABC series. Her name was Anna.

Goof: At the end when they are confronting Harmony, they pick up the water glass for DNA testing. In the next shot over her shoulder, the glass is still on the table.

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regional titles

Dan... en weer
Then... and Again
Alors... et encore
Dann... und wieder
Ansin ... agus Arís
Allora ... e ancora
Entonces ... y otra vez