The Devil Inside (I)
Episode 11 of 19 within Season Five. Item 88 of 132 overall.
Production number 511.
Diane Ademu-John - Writer
Peter Werner - Writer
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Allison’s dreams quickly become reality when she comes face to face with her stalker, Lucas Harvey, a man who is convinced he's doing God's work by putting a stop to her and her ability. Though Allison is able to survive this initial encounter, it becomes apparent that the stalker is a threat to her entire family and the Dubois are confined to their house under police supervision until his capture.

Meanwhile, Joe agonizes over whether or not to make a big gamble that could potentially save his company.

original airdate--April 20,2009   rating--7.17 million


music--theme song by Mychael Danna & arranged by Jeff Beal 


Goof: In Allison's dream, Lucas Harvey addresses the letter to her at 28801 Feather Star Road, with the ZIP code 88061; however, when the letter arrives, the address reads 27801 Feather Star Road, with the ZIP code 85061.


  • When Allison wakes up from her dream about the murderer, she runs into the kitchen to write down the car's license place on a notepad: 2TH DOC1. However when she holds it up to show Joe, it's smaller written and not across the notepad as she had originally written it.



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regional titles

De duivel in (I)
The Devil Inside (I)
Le diable ŕ l'intérieur de (I)
Der Teufel innerhalb (I)
An Inside Devil (I)
Il diavolo dentro (I)
El interior del diablo (I)