How to Make a Killing in Big Business (II)
Episode 14 of 19 within Season Five. Item 91 of 132 overall.
Production number 514.
Michael Narducci - Writer
Arlene Sanford - Director
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Allison meets Caitlyn Lynch, a psychic who works for the multi-national Lydecker Corporation, and is recruited to work for them, leaving her job at the DA’s office. Allison, while thoroughly enjoying the extravagant corporate world, struggles with her quick departure from the DA’s office and can’t stop dreaming about a serial killer on a rampage in Phoenix.

When Allison continues to share her dreams with Devalos and Scanlon, it proves to be a conflict of interest for her new boss, Mr. Lydecker,  who makes it clear her dreams now belong to him and she can share them with no one else.

Meanwhile, Ariel begins taking pills in order to stop her visions of a young girl’s ghost and to help her focus on PSAT preparation.

original airdate--May 04,2009    rating--7.24 million


music--theme song by Mychael Danna & arranged by Jeff Beal 

  1. "It's Amazing" by Jem
  2. "Be Natural" by Fertile Ground


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Hoe maak je een moord in grote bedrijven (II)
How to Make a Killing in Big Business (II)
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Wie man eine Tötung in großen Unternehmen (II)
Conas iarratas a dhéanamh marú i Big Gnó (II)
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