The Greater Good
Episode 14 of 24 within Season Five. Item 101 of 179 overall.
Production number S5E14.
Sara Hess - Writer
Lesli Linka Glatter - Director
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House and the team take on the case of a woman who collapsed in the middle of a cooking class, and they soon learn she is a highly-renowned cancer researcher who recently gave up her entire career in order to pursue her own personal happiness.

Though the team struggles to understand how the woman could give up saving lives for the sake of her own contentment, each grapple with the pursuit of happiness (or lack thereof) in their own lives. As the patient’s condition continues to worsen, so does Thirteen’s as she begins to suffer serious and life-threatening reactions to the experimental Huntington’s Disease clinical trial.

Meanwhile, Cuddy attempts to make House’s life miserable for him in retaliation for his part in her own unhappiness.

original airdate--February 2,2009       rating--14.87 million

network: FOX

songs--Theme Song: "Teardrop" by Massive Attack

  1. "Brand New Day" by Joshua Radin


Preliminary diagnoses:

  • After an effort to treat possible asthma (which is suggested along with cystic fibrosis or lung cancer) the patient is given steroids. Later she starts bleeding into her abdomen. Her liver is bleeding. And Dr. Miller starts itching. Then an MRI turns up lesions and bleeding in many places. Wilson tries to do a biopsy but excessive bleeding occurs.

Final Diagnosis--Ectopic endometriosis

  • While talking to Cuddy and blaming her recent nastiness to him as being related to her period, House figures out that the patient is menstruating and also has developed endometrosis that spread through her body because of the previous surgery. These got worse because of the steroids they gave her early on.


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