The New King (II) (series Cancelled)
Episode 13 of 13 within Season One. Item 13 of 13 overall.
Production number S1E13.
Julie Martin - Story
Erik Oleson - Story
Michael Green - Teleplay
David Schulner - Teleplay
Tucker Gates - Director
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Jack and William seize power when Jack declares himself king. Despite Jack's initial plans to be a good king, he immediately becomes a ruthless, violent tyrant, while also serving as a puppet for Cross, who pushes for renewed war with the Republic of Gath. Remembering Silas's "pilgrimage," David finds Silas hiding out with his secret family. Despite their reasons for hating each other, David and Silas must work together in order to put an end to Cross and Jack's tyranny.

Meanwhile, backed by an army of tanks on loan from Gath and commanded by David, Silas bloodlessly and easily resumes command of Gilboa. Restored to the throne, Silas is told by God that he must step down in favor of David, but Silas instead attacks David in a physical confrontation. As both David and Silas see more and more signs that David, despite his reluctance, is destined to be the new king, David realizes that his life is in danger, and he flees to Gath.

original airdate--July 25,2009   rating: 1.80 million

network: NBC

music: theme song composed by Trevor Morris


Trivia: Filmed completely within the five boroughs of New York City. The Shepherd farm is a farm museum in Queens. The battlefield was in Far Rockaway near JFK Airport. Silas' boardroom is a jazz concert hall at the Time Warner Center.

Goof: As Jack's coronation is beginning, there is a drummer coming down the steps; the sound of the drum does not match his movements.

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regional titles

The New King (II) (series Cancelled)
The New King (II) (series Cancelled)
Le nouveau roi (II) (sÚrie AnnulÚ)
Die New King (II) (Serie Cancelled)
An RÝ Nua (II) (sraith Cealaithe)
Il nuovo Re (II) (serie Annullato)
El nuevo rey (II) (serie cancelada)