Everybody Says Don't (I)
Episode 23 of 24 within Season Five. Item 117 of 191 overall.
Production number 523.
Joey Murphy - Writer
John Pardee - Writer
Bethany Rooney - Director
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Gabrielle is upset when she and the kids visit Carlos's family and are asked by his Aunt Connie to take in her troubled and secretive niece,Ana Solis, because she has been diagnosed with a weak heart. Lynette seeks to foil Tom's plans to learn Chinese by returning to college, only to learn too late that he wanted to learn to Chinese advertising to earn more.

Meanwhile, Bree comes clean to Orson about wanting a divorce when he restores the "stolen" belongings from the storage unit. Orson threatens to blackmail Bree by reporting her for insurance fraud if she goes through with the divorce because he had already claimed insurance on the robbed stuff that apparently Bree had stolen. Jackson suspects Mike for sending the anonymous tip that got him detained, while detectives question him and learn that he saw Dave Williams coming out of the storage room on the night of the fire in the club. The detectives inform Dr. Heller's receptionist, Claire, about the identification of his dead body in the nightclub while Claire in turn contacts Roberta.

However, Roberta and Mrs. McCluskey plan on breaking into Dave's house to obtain evidence. Dave learns that the police are planning on trapping him by using Dr. Heller's phone against him and plans on killing M.J. at once after experiencing visions of Edie, his wife and daughter and Dr. Heller. Susan agrees to go with him after learning that Katherine never informed Mike about Susan's marriage being a fake one because she felt he still hasn't gotten over her and that may ruin her own marriage in Vegas. 

original airdate--May 17,009         rating--13.96 million


music--Theme song--"Desperate Housewives" by Danny Elfman

  1. "Everyone Says Don't" by Stephen Sondheim (Song title from Anyone Can Whistle Also used as episode title for episode 2.18)


Trivia: Title is taken from a song written by Stephen Sondheim for the musical Anyone Can Whistle.


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regional titles

Iedereen zegt niet (I)
Everybody Says Don't (I)
Tout le monde dit de ne pas (I)
Jeder sagt, dass Sie nicht (I)
Deir gach duine Ná (I)
Ognuno dice di non (I)
Todo el mundo dice que no lo hacen (I)