I Will Rise Up
Episode 9 of 12 within Season Two. Item 21 of 86 overall.
Production number 209.
Nancy Oliver - Writer
Scott Winant - Director
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A wounded Eric plays Sookie for a sucker, to Bill’s dismay, and ends up getting inside her head. Later, Sookie and Jason bond over their recent adventures. Blaming Eggs for Tara’s bruises and bizarre behavior, Lafayette and Lettie Mae try to figure out a way to pry their kin from Maryann’s clutches. Hoyt defends his relationship with Jessica to Maxine, to no avail.

Jailed by Bud along with a group of Bon Temps revelers, Sam looks for a way to escape and avoid capture by an increasingly obsessed Maryann. In Dallas, Eric and the vampires defend their recent actions to Nan Flanagan and are shocked when Godric decides to take the fall for their PR disaster.

original air date-August 16,2009       rating--4.50 million

songs--Theme song-"Bad Things" by Jace Everett

  1. "Whiskey's Gone (Live)" by Zac Brown Band
  2. "Lucky Few" by Los Infernos
  3. "Devil Woman" by Marty Robbins
  4. "Right or Wrong" by Wanda Jackson
  5. "You're Gonna Miss Me" by The 13th Floor Elevators
  6. "Deadcat Rumble" by Zombie Ghost Train
  7. "I Will Rise Up/Ain't No More Cane" by Lyle Lovett
  8. "Bill & Sookie's Love Theme" by Nathan Barr

Trivia--It is revealed that the older a vampire is, the quicker he or she will be destroyed by the rays of the sun.

  • When Godric says goodbye to Eric he calls him 'Father, brother, son', and it refers to when Godric made Eric a vampire, where he said 'I'll be your father, your brother, your son'.

Allusions--The episode is named after a song by Lyle Lovett.

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regional titles

Ik zal opstaan
I Will Rise Up
Je m'élèverai vers le haut
Ich wird aufstehen
An mbeidh mé Rise Up
Mi alzerò
Yo se levantará