The Bond in the Boot
Episode 2 of 23 within Season Five. Item 86 of 195 overall.
Production number 5AKY02.
Michael Peterson - Writer
Alex Chapple - Director
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Brennan and Booth investigate the body of a man murdered for the undisclosed contents of a briefcase. Early evidence leads the team to suspect secret operatives are at work, and their theories are supported when the liquefied remains of a CIA agent are discovered in the trunk of a car. When Brennan and Booth interrogate the CIA’s Assistant Director of Intelligence, they are left unsure of his allegiance to the U.S.

 Meanwhile, Brennan’s best-selling book leads to financial success and serves as a point of contention with Booth, and Jeffersonian intern Wendell loses his scholarship, leaving the team to look for alternative funding to keep him around.

original airdate-September 24,2009                  rating-9.12  million

song--"Bones Theme (Squints Mix By DJ Corporate)" by The Crystal Method

Squintern of the Week--Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray

Goofs--Booth says to Rutledge that "if you want to know what's in the case you call in the Calvary". The actual phrase is "Call in the Cavalry". Cavalry are the horse mounted soldiers that were the highest order of the ground based military. In popular vernacular, calling in the cavalry refers to calling in reinforcements, which would often times be the horse mounted cavalry due to their being able to travel much faster than foot soldiers. Calvary (or Golgotha) is the English name of the hill where they crucified Jesus Christ.

  •  The comment Temperance Brennan (at around 1 min) made about Sun Tzu is incorrect. She stated that Sun Tzu argues that if there is no deception there will be no war. In reality, Sun Tzu, however, said that war is won by deceiving the enemy. Sun Tzu's book, The Art of War, is written to teach people how to win wars and not how to stop them.
  • (At 10.38) Booth, Bones & Sweets are in the diner eating & talking. Booth puts the fork in his mouth and there is clearly no food on it but he still starts chewing.
Trivia--The coordinates place the briefcase at 9th St NW and Constitution Ave NW in Washington, D.C.: the Department of Justice, the National Archives and the National Museum of Natural History are at this intersection.
  • The car rented by the CIA agent was rented by Universal Exports. Universal Exports was the company that James Bond used as his cover when he was undercover.


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regional titles

De Bond in de Boot
The Bond in the Boot
Le Bond dans le coffre
Die Anleihe im Boot
An Banna sa Tosaithe
Il Bond nel Boot
El Bono en el arranque