Momentum Deferred
Episode 4 of 23 within Season Two. Item 25 of 115 overall.
Production number 3X5104.
Ashley Edward Miller - Writer
Zack Stentz - Writer
Joe Chappelle - Director
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Recuperating from the traumatic and alarming meeting with Massive Dynamic founder William Bell, Agent Dunham consumes a powerful “fringe” concoction that Dr. Bishop prescribes to stimulate her memory.

Meanwhile, the Fringe Division investigates a series of robbery cases that are tied to shape-shifting. As clues are tracked and memories are jogged, another woman experimented on by Dr. Bishop is introduced and a flashback reveals more about Olivia’s visit to the alternate reality. Fringe case file # 204-10809

original airdate--October 08,2009   rating--5.83 million

songs; "Fringe Main Title Theme" by JJ Abrams 

  1.  "I've Seen All Good People" by Yes         


Glyph spells--MEMORY

Fringe Event: Shapeshifters

Victims: 3 Elias Cryonic guards, 2 Shapeshifters, Joe [redacted]

Trivia: This episode features the running joke where Walter can't quite correctly recall Astrid's name. Here he calls her 'Aspirin'.

  • When Agent Dunham walks out of Massive Dinamics building and meets with shape-shifter Agent Francis, The Observer may be seen in the foreground's shot.
  • In the alternate universe, the hybrids are known as the First Wave. Roger R. Cross, who appears in this episode as a hybrid, was one of the regular cast members of the TV show First Wave.

Observer Sighting--The Observer watches Olivia and Charlie's conversation outside of Massive Dynamic Headquarters.


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regional titles

Momentum Uitgestelde
Momentum Deferred
Momentum reportés
Momentum Deferred
Móiminteam Iarchurtha
Momentum differite
Momentum diferidos