Incursion (II) (season finale)
Episode 20 of 20 within Season One. Item 20 of 40 overall.
Production number 119.
Joseph Mallozzi - Writer
Paul Mullie - Writer
Andy Mikita - Director
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Col Young does nothing short of killing Col. Telford in hopes to deprogram him from the Lucian Alliance brainwashing that caused the tragedy at Icarus Base. But when Telford comes clean he reveals the Destiny is in imminent danger of being boarded by the Lucian Alliance. Relaying the information to Gen. O’Neill they launch a pre-emptive attack on the Lucian Alliance’s secret base.

Back in the Milky Way galaxy Dr. Rush is in Lucian Alliance hands being forced by their leader Kiva  to recreate a program to tap into their Icarus-like planet capable of dialing the Destiny.

original airdate--June 04,2010  rating--1.46 million

network: Sci Fi Channel

music--Theme from "Stargate: Universe" By Joel Goldsmith


Goof: Throughout the first season, Rush refers to Lieutenant Scott as Lef-tenant (the proper British pronunciation). But suddenly toward the end of 1.20, he starts using the American pronunciation, loo-tenant.


When one of their hidden off-world research bases comes under attack from an unknown enemy, the Stargate personnel are forced to evacuate through the stargate to a nine-chevron address which happens to be an unmanned Ancient ship travelling far outside their own galaxy. And they can't return.

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regional titles

Inval (II) (seizoensfinale)
Incursion (II) (season finale)
Incursion (II) (fin de saison)
Einfall (II) (Saisonfinale)
Ionradh (II) (chlár deiridh den tsraith)
Incursione (II) (finale di stagione)
Incursión (II) (final de temporada)