The Foot in the Foreclosure
Episode 8 of 23 within Season Five. Item 92 of 195 overall.
Production number 5AKY08.
Pat Charles - Writer
Jeff Woolnough - Director
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Booth's grandfather Hank comes to live with him and tags along as Brennan and Booth investigate ashes and charred remains found by a real estate agent while showing a property to prospective buyers. The team identifies the victims as plus-size lovers, neither of whom seemed to have many enemies.
Meanwhile, Hank tries to play matchmaker for Booth and lets Brennan in on some family secrets.
original airdate-November 19,2009                       rating-9.88  million
Songs:"Bones Theme (Squints Mix By DJ Corporate)" by The Crystal Method
  1. "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-lot
Squintern of the Week--Eugene Byrd as Dr. Clark Edison
Goof--In the beginning of the episode, Booth introduces his grandfather to Sweets and his grandfather asks, "Where did you get your M.D., in a Cracker Jack box?" You can hear Bones laugh, but her mouth remains closed.

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regional titles

De voet in de afscherming
The Foot in the Foreclosure
Le pied dans la forclusion
Der Fu▀ in der Zwangsversteigerung
An Cr˙ibe sa Foreclosure
Il piede nella preclusione
El pie en la ejecuciˇn de una hipoteca