End of Nights (II)
Episode 2 of 13 within Season Two. Item 23 of 67 overall.
Production number S2E02.
Damian Kindler - Writer
Martin Wood - Director
19 votes

Furious at being duped into a trap, Magnus takes on Kate, demanding information and complete access to her Cabal contacts. The Cabal’s true agenda is revealed and Magnus realizes that they are not only holding Ashley as ransom to obtain complete control of the Sanctuary Network, but turning her into the ultimate weapon. Now transformed into a Super Abnormal with devastating powers, Ashley and her newly cloned fighters begin their onslaught, destroying Sanctuaries in cities around the world. Tesla and Henry attempt to create a weapon that can stop the attacks…without killing Ashley.

As the team prepares to defend the Sanctuary with Tesla’s new weapon, Magnus must come to the realization that they may not be able to stop the Cabal’s attacks without harming Ashley. She realizes she might have to choose between saving her only daughter, or losing the Sanctuary and all the lives and secrets within it.

original airdate-October 16,2009  rating-1.766 million

network: SyFy Channel

music: "Sanctuary" theme music composed by Andrew Lockington


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regional titles

Einde van de Nights (II)
End of Nights (II)
Fin de Nuits (II)
End of Nights (II)
Deireadh Nights (II)
Fine di notti (II)
Final de las Noches (II)