Meet Jane Doe
Episode 7 of 13 within Season Two. Item 20 of 26 overall.
Production number 2APK07.
Andrew Chambliss - Writer
Maurissa Tancharoen - Writer
Jed Whedon - Writer
Dwight Little - Director
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After attempting to stop Perrin from exposing the Dollhouse, Echo finds herself in the world-at-large as she struggles to control her multiple memory downloads.

Meanwhile, Topher discovers the dangers of science that will have devastating effects on the future, while Adelle engages in a power struggle with Harding.

original airdate--December 11,1993    rating--2.72 million


songs--Theme song--"What You Don't Know" by Jonatha Brooke and Eric Bazilian
  1. A Shade Of Difference by Bozo Darnell


Goof --When Echo and the deputy start to take Galina away on her gurney, both her arms are partly in the sleeves of her orange prison jumpsuit. In the next shot in the corridor, the jumpsuit is completely off her upper body, her arms lying atop it.


They say money can't buy you everything.

They were wrong.

There is a place where you can hire someone to do whatever you need, be whoever you want. They will be programmed with the skills, memories and personality needed to get the job done, after which, they will be wiped clean. No muss, no fuss.

Welcome to the Dollhouse.

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regional titles

Maak kennis met Jane Doe
Meet Jane Doe
Répondre à Jane Doe
Treffen Jane Doe
Téigh in aithne ar Jane Doe
Incontra Jane Doe
Conoce a Jane Doe