Would I Think of Suicide?
Episode 9 of 23 within Season Six. Item 127 of 191 overall.
Production number 609.
Jason Ganzel - Writer
Ken Whittingham - Director
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The residents of Fairview learn the hard way that the world is a dangerous place. In the wake of another attack, Angie decides the time has come for her and her family to leave Wisteria Lane.

However, Bree and Susan are literally up in arms with one another as Bree's affair with Karl becomes increasingly difficult to hide; Lynette's pregnancy causes a rift with Gaby; and a confrontation between Mike and Katherine leads to a harmful and unexpected blow.

original airdate--November 29,2009   rating--12.78  million


music--Theme song--"Desperate Housewives" by Danny Elfman

  1. "Back in Time" by VV Brown
  2. "Would I Think Of Suicide?" by Stephen Sondheim  


Trivia: title is a reference to a lyric from the song "Could I Leave You?", from the musical Follies.

Goof: When Mike Delfino is talking with M.J. Delfino, the tissue paper in the Happy Birthday bag disappears and reappears between shots.


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regional titles

Ik zou denken van Suicide?
Would I Think of Suicide?
Aurais-je pense au suicide?
Würde ich an Selbstmord denken?
Ba mhaith liom a Cuimhnigh ar Fhéinmharú?
Avrei pensare al suicidio?
¿Me pensar en el suicidio?