Let it Bleed #2
Episode 14 of 19 within Volume Five : Redemption. Item 90 of 129 overall.
Production number 514.
Jim Martin - Writer
Jeannot Szwarc - Director
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THE SEARCH FOR ANSWERS INTENSIFIES AS FINAL RESPECTS ARE PAID TO A FALLEN HERO...As Claire becomes immersed in the world of the carnival, she becomes increasingly suspicious of Samuel's motives.

Meanwhile; Hiro goes on a mission to rescue one of his own; H.R.G. recruits Matt to help him take down Samuel.

original airdate: January 04,2010    rating: 4.57 million

network: NBC

music: theme song "Le Héros d'un autre" by Victoria Petrosillo

  1. "Let It Bleed" by Rolling Stones 



  • Sylar returns to the carnival, looking for answers.
  • Peter deals with Nathan's covered-up death with the help of Claire.
  • Noah and Lauren interrogate Edgar.


Goof: The picture of Vanessa changes right before Samuel tapes it together.


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regional titles

Laat het Bleed
Let it Bleed #2
Let It Bleed
Let It Bleed
Lig sť Bleed
Let It Bleed
Let It Bleed