The Devil in the Details (winter finale)
Episode 14 of 23 within Season Five. Item 98 of 239 overall.
Production number 5AKY14.
Michael Peterson - Writer
Ian Toynton - Director
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Brennan and Booth investigate a set of uniquely disfigured remains allegorizing biblical text. As they acquire more information about the victim, a former patient of Dr. Adam Copeland at Havenhurst Sanitarium, they are confronted with suspects who are hard to characterize as either good or evil.

Meanwhile, Jeffersonian intern Arastoo Vaziri reveals a secret about his past.

original airdate--February 04,2010    rating--12.37 million

network: Fox

songs--"Bones Theme (Squints Mix By DJ Corporate)" by The Crystal Method


Squintern of the Week--Arastoo Vaziri - Pej Vahdat



"To Unravel A Murder, You Have To Strip It To The Bone".

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regional titles

De duivel in de details (winter finale)
The Devil in the Details (winter finale)
Le diable dans les détails (finale d'hiver)
Der Teufel im Detail (Winter Finale)
An Diabhal an Sonraí (finale gheimhridh)
The Devil in the Details (finale invernale
El diablo en los detalles (final de invierno)