There Goes the Neighborhood
Episode 16 of 22 within Season One. Item 16 of 155 overall.
Production number 2J5015.
Andrew Chambliss - Writer
Bryan Oh - Writer
Kevin Bray - Director
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Anna brings a surprising guest along when she pays a visit to Damon.

Meanwhile, Elena and Stefan go on an awkward double date with Caroline and Matt, but Stefan and Matt find they have some common ground. Jenna reunites with her old friend Kelly, and Jeremy’s relationship with Anna takes an unexpected direction.

original airdate: April 01,2010  rating 2.80 million


Songs: Theme song "Help I'm Alive" by Metric

  1.  "Better Than This" by Keane
  2.  "Cloudhead" by In-Flight Safety
  3.  "The Ocean" by Teagan & Sara
  4.  "Cross My Heart" by Marianas Trench
  5.  "Perfect Day" by The Constellations
  6.  "Crash" by In-Flight Safety
  7.  "Lovesick Mistake" by Erin McCarley
  8.  "The Mess I Made" by Parachute


Antagonist: Frederick and Bethanne.

Body Coun: Bethanne - staked by Stefan Salvatore.

Trivia: Jeremy confronts Anna about her being a vampire and tells her he wants her to turn him.


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regional titles

Daar Gaat de Buurt
There Goes the Neighborhood
Va l le Voisinage
Dort Geht die Nachbarschaft
T an Neighborhood Tigh
Va l il Vicinato
All Vaya el Vecindario