A New World
Episode 2 of 22 within Season Four. Item 46 of 90 overall.
Production number S04E02.
Bruce Miller - Writer
Michael Robison - Director
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While Deacon is finding a way to reset the timeline, Allison discovers that Fargo is now the director of Global Dynamics, and she is now the medical director. Andy replaces Lupo as deputy, while she finds herself the head of security of GD; Andy realizes that Carter and the others changed the timeline. They also discover Grant is also in their present, and he reveals he did this on purpose, having wanted to see the future. The bridge device Deacon is working on overloads. Soon it is discovered that it is caused by a positronic lightning created by the alternate Fargo. Carter, Andy and Grant volunteer and succeed in shutting down the device.

In the end, Deacon reveals the bridge device is destroyed beyond repair. The six travelers agree to never reveal to anyone that they changed the timeline.

original airdate-July 16,2010   rating-2.21 million


song--Eureka Theme song--"Eureka On My Mind" by Bear McCreary




Welcome to Eureka, a seemingly normal small town somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. But you won't find it on any maps outside of the Pentagon. And if you're here you must be a genius. Because everyone else in town is.

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regional titles

Een Nieuwe Wereld
A New World
Un Nouveau Monde
A New World
A Domhan Nua
Un Nuovo Mondo
Un Nuevo Mundo