All the Rage
Episode 3 of 22 within Season Four. Item 47 of 90 overall.
Production number S04E03.
Kira Snyder - Writer
Michael Rohl - Director
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Carter is uncomfortable with Tess moving in with him. Meanwhile, Fargo has trouble coping with being director of Global Dynamics. After witnessing a malfunctioning demonstration in the non-lethal weapons lab, everybody inside Global Dynamics start showing signs of rage before they are no longer lucid. The only ones who are not infected are Allison, Carter and Tess, who were not in Global Dynamics at the time. Lupo helps them find a solution before she too is no longer lucid, in which case she cuffs herself.

Eventually, using Fargo as a diversion, Tess is able to correct the malfunction, causing everybody in the building to return to normal. In the end, Carter confronts Tess about how uncomfortable he is with her moving in with him, and feels it would be best to split up. Deacon and Grant work on repairing the space-time bridge. However, in the process everything they touch disintegrates. Deacon soon learns that Grace played a prank on him.

original airdate-July 23,2010   rating: 2.29 million


song--Eureka Theme song--"Eureka On My Mind" by Bear McCreary




Welcome to Eureka, a seemingly normal small town somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. But you won't find it on any maps outside of the Pentagon. And if you're here you must be a genius. Because everyone else in town is.

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regional titles

Alle Rage
All the Rage
All the Rage
All the Rage
Gach an Rage
Tutti i Rage
Toda la rabia