Gauntlet (series cancelled)
Episode 20 of 20 within Season Two. Item 40 of 40 overall.
Production number 220.
Paul Mullie - Writer
Andy Mikita - Director
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Park,who was blinded while refueling in the blue super giant, has still not regained her sight while Tamara,struggles with the knowledge, gleaned from the archives on Novus, that she has ALS, an incurable degenerative disease.  Rush  and Eli discover that drones are positioned at every star between Destiny and the edge of the galaxy.  They devise a plan that enables them to defeat a Command Ship and secure supplies, but not without a fierce battle that leaves Destiny badly damaged.  

Eli convinces Young that Destiny’s only option for survival is to head for the next galaxy in one continuous FTL jump that will take three years.  This will require all of the ship’s remaining energy, so they must act quickly as recharging is no longer an option.  Crewmembers return to Earth to say what may be their final farewells, before entering the ship’s stasis pods and the long sleep that will take them to the next galaxy.  But when it turns out that some of the stasis pods are in need of repairs, a risky stop at a planet for materials may put the entire plan in jeopardy.

original airdate--May 09,2011   rating--1.134 million

network: Sci Fi Channel

music--Theme from "Stargate: Universe" By Joel Goldsmith

  1. "Gauntlet" by Joel Goldsmith


Goof--During the scene where Chloe Armstrong walks down a corridor of Destiny at roughly 15 minutes (15 min 59 seconds) into the episode the words 'Fuck the French' can be seen clearly written vertically down the side of the right corridor in the foreground. Joseph Mallozzi has expressed his strong feelings of anger toward whoever may be responsible and admits he was completely unaware of it until a fan pointed in out months after the show aired.


When one of their hidden off-world research bases comes under attack from an unknown enemy, the Stargate personnel are forced to evacuate through the stargate to a nine-chevron address which happens to be an unmanned Ancient ship travelling far outside their own galaxy. And they can't return.

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regional titles

Gauntlet (geannuleerd serie)
Gauntlet (series cancelled)
Gauntlet (série annulée)
Gauntlet (Serie abgesagt)
Gauntlet (sraith ceal)
Gauntlet (serie cancellata)
Gauntlet (serie cancelada)