The Red Ponies
Episode 5 of 24 within Season Three. Item 51 of 150 overall.
Production number 3X6405.
Eoghan Mahony - Writer
John F. Showalter - Director
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Patrick Jane and the CBI team hit the horse track when a jockey is found murdered and suspects abound.

original airdate--October 21,2010  rating: 14.42 million


song--The Main Title Theme--(Extended Version) by Blake Neely



Goofs: For the big race at the end, the horses first load into the gate on the turf course, however, all subsequent footage of the race is made up of a montage of multiple races on dirt.

  • Castor's Folly and Pollock's Dream are supposed to be identical, but when shown together on the track after Grace dismounts Pollock's Dream, Castor's Folly is a golden color, while Pollock's Dream is a deep rich brown.
  • Jane claims that covering all of the combinations in order to win him the trifecta cost him $5000. Yet a typical race has less than 13 horses 13 x 13 x 13 is 2197 possible combinations. He claims to have bet 50 cents but even at the normal $2 value of the smallest wager that's only $4394.
  • The murderer is running full speed directly at Grace, who moves to intercept him. In the next scene she is shown bringing him down from behind.

Trivia: "The Red Pony" is a novella by John Steinbeck.

  • Twin horses featured in this episode are called Castor's Folly and Pollock's Dream, according to signs on their stalls. In Greek and Roman mythology, Castor and Pollux (not Pollock) were twins who were transformed into the constellation Gemini ("The Twins"). Pollock is the common name for various species of edible fish.

Now You Know--Every episode title contains a reference to the color red, like "Paint it Red", "Scarlett Fever", "Russet Potatoes", or "Bloodshot". This is because Patrick Jane's nemesis is the ingenious sadistic serial killer, Red John.


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regional titles

De Red Pony
The Red Ponies
Les Poneys Rouge
The Red Pony
An Capaillíní Red
I pony Red
Los Potros Roja