Pink Chanel Suit
Episode 6 of 24 within Season Three. Item 52 of 150 overall.
Production number 3X6406.
Ken Woodruff - Writer
Eric Laneuville - Director
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The case of a murder and missing person on an intensely secure wealthy family's compound perplexes Jane and the CBI team.

original airdate--October 28,2010     rating--14.76 million


music--Theme from The Mentalist "I Believe" by Blake Neely


Goof: When Jayne arrives at the scene of the crime, he has some fun messing with the security chief as they are going through the metal detector. Waiting in line behind them are two forensics techs. However, both of those techs had already entered the house. Why are they outside again, waiting to go through the detector?

Trivia: The Pink Chanel Suit is worn by Pauline's mom Ethel in the casket.

Now You Know--Every episode title contains a reference to the color red, like "Paint it Red", "Scarlett Fever", "Russet Potatoes", or "Bloodshot". This is because Patrick Jane's nemesis is the ingenious sadistic serial killer, Red John.


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regional titles

Roze Chanel Suit
Pink Chanel Suit
Tailleur Chanel rose
Pink Chanel Kostüm
Suit Chanel Pink
Pink Chanel Suit
Rosa traje Chanel