The Abducted
Episode 7 of 22 within Season Three. Item 51 of 115 overall.
Production number 3X6107.
Graham Roland - Writer
David Wilcox - Writer
Chuck Russell - Director
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When a serial kidnapper “over there” strikes again, the emotional and familiar case hits home for Colonel Broyles, sending a determined Olivia to uncover additional details about the abductions.

Meanwhile, Olivia fights on and reunites with Henry to enlist his services on an intense and covert mission to return home. Fringe case file #307-111810

original airdate--November 18,2010     rating--4.85 million  


song--"Fringe Main Title Theme" by JJ Abrams


Glyph code spells --ESCAPE

Fringe Event: Age-regression serum

Location: New Yonkers,NY; Astoria Church; 1068 Kent Street

Goofs: When Peter's phone rings near the end, it makes the appropriate noise of a phone set to vibrate, resonating with the wooden surface it's laying on. However when Peter picks it up, the phone continues to make the same wooden vibrating sound, even though it now rests in his hand.

  • When Olivia and Henry first sit down in the diner, a flag for British Columbia can be seen in the background.
  • Olivia is 19 minutes late for her 10pm meeting with the boat. It is then stated in the hospital when speaking with Agent Broyles that Olivia has been there for an hour. However, as they have that discussion, the clock hanging from the ceiling shows 2.35 instead of 11.20 as it should be.

Trivia: Olivia notices the book 'Burlap Bear Goes To The Woods' in Max's room. The same book she read to Ella in Unleashed.

Observer Sighting--The Observer stands across the street from the diner as Olivia and Henry Higgins wait for breakfast and talk.


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regional titles

De ontvoerde
The Abducted
Le enlevés
Die entführten
An abducted
Il Abducted
El secuestrado